Autumn ChangeCamp 2016

Autumn ChangeCamp 2016Although it seems as though summer has just struggled into view I’ve started work on this Autumn’s ChangeCamp taking place on Saturday 15th October.

It’s early days yet, but as the weeks go on I will be adding presentations to the Autumn line up.

The fee’s for this event are unchanged. The Early Bird fee of £15 applies if you book online before Saturday 1st October, thereafter the full fee for the ChangeCamp event is £25.

A concessionary fee of £10 is available for students and the unwaged.

ChangeCamp has become a very popular event. This year’s Spring ChangeCamp was sold out in advance.

There are 90 places available for this event, so book on-line to secure your place and prevent disappointment.

Springing Back Into Life

As ever Change Camp was such an amazing day & all the more fabulous that so many of of you chose to relax, revive & retreat with us at the end of the day – we win the prize for squeezing so many relaxed bodies into the Red Room! Apologies that some people missed out on our mini retreat workshop, we were fully booked so stress busting space was at a premium!

Thank you for your updates – great to hear folks are sleeping so much better, feeling more relaxed yet energised & participants felt so focussed that some very big decisions were reached. Well done you – it’s amazing what can be achieved when we put our minds to it & we love to hear your achievements.

Do come & join us at Spring Retreat Day at Linden Hall Hotel on Sunday 17th April. It’s guaranteed to put the spring back in your step. A whole luxurious day of mindfully powerful techniques to manage any unwanted stress, those nagging worries & fearful anxieties so that you can reclaim that all important peace of mind. What’s not to like … wonderful food & great company as you snuggle up into one of Linden’s big cosy armchairs as we relax, reflect & revive ready to enjoy the Spring sunshine ahead.

Chris @ The Retreat People

World Laughter Day Sunday 1st May at the Angel of the North

For ChangeCamp Laughter Yoga fans, friends and everyone, we are getting together on Sunday 1st May to celebrate World Laughter Day with Laughter Yoga.  Laughter will be led by my friend and colleague Laughter Yoga Ambassador Lotte Mikkelsen.  Details are on Facebook –

A fun time!  Hope to see you there!  And a big thank you to all who joined my “Young at Heart” workshop and to the amazing gigglers enjoying my Laughter Yoga Playshop!

Thank You

image courtesy of Patrick Hoesly

image courtesy of Patrick Hoesly

Phew, that’s another ChangeCamp completed. A big thanks to everyone who contributed and took part in a great Spring ChangeCamp 2016. I hope you all had as good a day as I did.

Thank you to everyone who came along to learn and explore the fascinating world of psychological change and who joined in the event so willingly.

Thank you to all the presenters who gave their time and expertise freely. As far as I could tell a lot of people got a lot out of the presentations.

A big thank you to the people who helped make ChangeCamp happen behind the scenes. Everyone who helped me with the preparation, pitched in on the day to set-up the rooms, and restore them at the end. All the people who helped keep things running through the day at the door and in the hall.

ChangeCamp is a conference on a shoestring, there is no paid help, if it wasn’t for the people who join in and help it just wouldn’t happen. To all of you, and you know who you are, my heartfelt thanks.

I hope you learned a lot on the day, met some lovely people and are looking forward to the Autumn ChangeCamp 2016 on 15th October this year.

Hope to see you there and in the meantime have a great spring and summer.


Get Ready To Relax & Revive @ Spring Change Camp

Change Camp is always such a special day, we always return home buzzing with new ideas & fresh thinking.

The Retreat People, Chris & Sue are so looking forward to welcoming you to the last workshop of the day where we can take time out to simply relax, reflect & revive our busy curious minds.

To Help You Enjoy Your Mini Retreat You Might Want To Remember:

  • Wear clothing that you feel comfortable relaxing in.
  • Bring your favourite lightweight cosy blanket or cover – some people like to lie on the floor although chairs will also be available
  • Just bring your desire to relax, chill out & simply enjoy yourself.

Here’s To Reviving With You In Style,

Chris & Sue – The Retreat People

Presentation: How To Use Self Hypnosis And Visualisation To Create A More Fulfilled You


Image courtesy of Danielle Buma

Self-Hypnosis can be, when used properly, one of the most powerful tools you can access.

In this workshop you’ll learn how access your own learning state, to go deep into hypnosis using the skills you’ll be taught that will stay with you from here on.

You’ll learn how to give yourself hypnotic suggestions, then how to tap into your senses that you don’t use as much making them stronger and as valuable as your number one sense. You’ll also learn how to use this tool to create a better more fulfilled you.

This hour workshop will be great fun and very informative and if you’re looking forward to it half as much as I am then I’m looking forward to it twice as much as you are! See you there.

Presentation: Understanding and Dealing with Anxiety & Worry

Image courtesy of Life Mental Health

Image courtesy of Life Mental Health

It’s perfectly normal and natural to experience worry and anxiety. We all have such thoughts and emotions from time to time.

It’s no surprise at all many people today and every day feel anxious. Read or listen to the news and we can feel we are continuously bombarded with threats and stark realities about the NHS, Brexit, terrorists and having to work into our eighties to reap a state pension that we have paid into all our lives. It can feel like our personal power, choice and control of situations belongs to someone else.

A great deal of most ‘news’ is aimed at activating our fear response. Why? it sells papers and is psychologically aimed at our human propensity to be more focused on bad events.

We will explore what the differences are between anxiety and worry and how we can know which is which. We will continue on to develop simple and effective ways to lessen troublesome emotions with things that we can all do, with the intention to make better habits for ourselves and the people around us who are either effected or affect our emotional state.

Presentation: Finding Identity And Purpose In Recovery

Image courtesy of Marco Belluci

Image courtesy of Marco Belluci

This workshop is for anyone in recovery or who has a friend or family member who is.

It is not intended to replace a 12 Step program or any other means of getting clean and sober, but addresses the next steps to take on the path of recovery.

Overcoming addiction to alcohol or drugs is not easy. But it is so worth it.

To be able to look people in the eye and know that you are only going to speak your truth

  • to have put behind you the lying and cheating
  • to wake up naturally instead of “coming to”
  • to feel you are making significant contribution to the people in your life

These are some of the benefits of being clean and sober.

As a person in recovery rebuilds their life in sobriety, whether or not they are using the spiritual toolkit of a 12 Step program, there comes a point when they realise that the obsession with their drug of choice, whether it be alcohol or drugs, has been lifted. They no longer think obsessively about the substance – it is no longer part of their daily life.

Then come the questions: “So…what’s next? I’m sober – now what? What am I going to do for the rest of my life? Who am I? and what is my purpose?”

In this workshop we will address these questions and look at what constitutes the next step for those embracing recovery, so they can move beyond survival and begin to thrive in long term recovery.

Presentation: How To Lose Weight … And … Stay Happy!

Image courtesy of alan cleaver

Image courtesy of <href=””>alan cleaver

It’s not your fault if you are overweight, want to lose weight and at the same time want to be happy. Honestly it’s not your fault … until after this workshop; then YOU decide how it will be.

I am sure you have had from time to time an experience that changes how you look at life. Yes? Of course you have, we all have these experiences that change who we are.

Maybe a little AHA! moment, maybe something even more powerful.  This workshop may well be your AHA! That is your ticket, that you own,  to get out of the trap perpetuated by the Weight Loss Industry.

This workshop will offer a perspective where participants will have the information and knowledge to change a damaging perception that has been indoctrinated into our culture.

Also on offer are the psychological determinants that can keep you on the right track. Your right track.  If this sounds too simple, it’s because it is!

So, how would you like to create a deep motivation to get and maintain a healthy weight balanced with some cutting facts about the Weight Loss Industry. The Weight Loss Industry promotes an unsustainable life-style that create a fiction where you need them to help perpetuate their massive financial gains … at your monetary, healthy and psychological expense. At the expense of your happiness. And happiness is your birthright, it’s not for sale.

A deep exploration into what you can do to affect your health and weight and do it in a way that makes you feel good. Which includes some techniques that you will own to make it happen.

Presentation: Bringing Out The SPARK In Kids

Image courtesy of dbrekke

Image courtesy of dbrekke

Schools teach our Kids their ABC’s and 123’s yet they miss something so vital to our Kids wellbeing and I am sure you are seeing the reports or have heard stories about how the youth of today seem to be under so much extra pressure than we had when we were young.

The one thing they do not “teach” though is how our Kids think about themselves, what is possible for them to achieve in their lives. They are not teaching how their mind works and how it can be used to empower Kids and give them the tools to develop positive self esteem, overcome mistakes, handle peer pressure to be self responsible while they move through life with the right mindset.

Myself and Graham J Turner will be holding this presentation to bring out the SPARK inside every kid.

S- speaking to the
P – promise
A – ability and
R – resilience inside
K – kids.

We will be using the program to discuss the thought cycle, to demonstrate how the way we think creates our perceptions and then in turn our experience.

We will be exploring the various ways the Kids can be influenced and held back in life and how to change them.

Understanding separate realities and demonstrating that acceptance of different thoughts about the same problem shows new ways to find possible solutions.

We look forward to sharing this and so much more in this program with you very soon.